bureau of electronic appliance repair

Right Column

Mission Statement

The Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair's highest priority is to protect consumers against fraud, economic loss, and physical injury from the repair or installation of electronics, appliances, and performance of service contracts.

Our Vision
To be recognized as an efficient government organization that effectively protects consumers and improves the marketplace through excellent consumer services, prompt registration, comprehensive education, and enforcement of the law.

Our Mission
To protect and serve consumers while ensuring a competent and fair marketplace.

Develop policies and administrative procedures to ensure the effective and efficient operations of the Bureau.

Review and process approved applications and renewals promptly.

Help consumers and businesses work together to resolve complaints.

Enforce Bureau laws and regulations in a fair, consistent, and effective manner.

Provide current and useful information to consumer and businesses through cost effective methods.

Partner with consumer groups, industry, and stakeholders to provide a safe and fair marketplace.